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s/m is a duo with the two guys  m. amann and s.schlienz. entertainment and fun are main themes for their work. they formed in 1998 and play a strange and naughty style influenced by punk, heavy metal, chansons, ndw and bavarian songwriters. all the burning topics of the real and mystic world are reflected in their musical works.

lüge 3:51
wir sind s/m 1:05
romanze 1 0:57
take some grass 2:53
italia 3:11
das verhör 3:50
romanze 2 0:56
let me be 3:05
freunde 4:21
papa schlumpf 4:04
puschel, das eichhorn 2:30
romanze 3 0:58
polizei 2:21
l’arancia 2:05
die bayern 1:50
weltraum 4:50


cd: “freunde”

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out on april 22. 2004

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